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Medieval Mayhem Basic
Put your tin soldiers on the table and play a medieval battle for an evening’s entertainment. See your soldiers rush the enemy, fight or flee while you desperately try to control them. Medieval Mayhem Basic is a game where your soldiers have a will of their own. 

Medieval Mayhem Basic is a game both for beginners and experienced players. Being easy to learn, using fewer miniatures than many other games and is smooth to  play, it suits both young and adults.  

Using these rules, miniatures (tin soldiers), a dice, a ruler and a table top, you can play a easy and fun game of medieval battles. 

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More games and supplements to come:

  • Medieval Mayhem Armies&Battles (sneak peek here!)- A supplement to Medieval Mayhem Basic. Generate your own army, choose a strategy and play battles against your friends. Play outlaws, free peoples, barons host or rebellious peasants and many more.
  • Medieval Mayhem Kids - A game of battles with your toy soldiers at home. Place them on the table or floor and battle it out! But don’t forget to take your opponents castle and peasants hut he may give up! Kids (and their parents...) can join a game that makes their own toys come alive!
  • Medieval Mayhem War- Barons, towns and rebel peasants wage war on a beautiful map. It is a game on its own, but if you want, when armies meet for battle, they can fight it out with Medieval Mayhem Basic!
  • Medieval Mayhem Advanced - Takes the game even further, leaders, formations, orders, weapons, tactics and more.
  • Medieval Mayhem Fantasy – Tired of complicated and slow combat rules in your favorite role playing game? Use this Medieval Mayhem add on, as fast and fun combat rules instead of your old. Put some mayhem in your player’s world.

To get Medieval Mayhem Basic for free click the "Download" link above, !